YouBee electric scooters

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YouBee electric scooters are designed for all types of trips: urban, peri-urban and long-distance. The electric scooter can be used for personal purposes, for commuting or leisure. It’s also useful in a professional framework, in a simple version or utility.

100% electric, YouBee scooters combine performance, design, safety, economy, practicality, simplicity, innovation and ecology. They are a real alternative to thermal two-wheelers: more environmentally friendly and more economical. They exist in 50 cc equivalent, limited to 45 km / h, and 125 cc version limited to 90 or 120 km / h depending on the model. YouBee also offers a 125cc equivalent electric motorcycle model.

YouBee electric scooters have an autonomy of up to 220 km. They are easy to handle and maintain. Their battery can be charged on any standard power socket.

YouBee is a French reference brand in Europe of two-wheeled electric vehicles adapted to all needs and uses.

YouBee makes you want to ride electric vehicle

YouBee Scooter

  • Electric scooters
    YouBee electric scooters revolutionize your travels.
  • Electric motos
    YouBee electric motorbikes generous in sensations

YouBee Advantages

  • Safety

    Robust means of transportation and meeting the requirements of safety

  • Quality

    Patented technologies, materials and quality components for high-end products

  • New generation

    Electric vehicle using the latest technologie and thought to simplify your life

  • Guarantee

    Guarantee 2 years with a support and an experimented technical service, settled in France

  • Insurance

    An insurance solution is offered

  • Performance

    Powerful vehicle and unforgettable sense

  • Design

    Simple, dynamic and understated

  • Convenience

    Easy-to-use and simplicity

  • Pleasure

    Freedom and good feeling

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