Pollution Control

Electric moto and electric scooter are a real alternative to protect the environment :


  • had the advantage of not using fossil energy and producing no greenhouse gas emissions.


  • noise pollution of e-scooters and e-motorcycles is well below (pollution abatement in city)



The meeting between joy of riding and environmental sustainability gave birth to e-scooter & e-moto.







E-scooter & E-moto allow us to go towards transportation means most suitable to today’s issue of mobility, and above all, consider impact of air pollution.

Indeed, its use permits to reduce dramatically C02 emission for an an environment more cleaner and less noisy. Thus, riding with electric vehicule decrease significantly  — 70% for cars and 90 % for motorcycles — CO2 emission and chemical fumes.

In addition to its air pollution-free contribution, they struggle against other type of pollution : odour pollution and noise pollution. This kind of vehicule doesn’t emit any odour and produces low noise. Anyway, its contributes to decrease urban background noise and participates to reduce noise pollution in city.






Several studies and analysis prove electric advantages :


  • Air pollution triggers several expenses – direct or indirect – in Europe : it represents around 20 billion € each year, according to European Commission.


  • In France, the number of deaths from fine particles is about 48 000 people each year. If the air is less polluted, 34 000 death would be avoided each year.  In comparison, this figure is 5 to 10 times higher than road accident victims – 4000 deaths in France. (From, “Agence Santé Publique”, in 2016).



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