Youbee provides a range of motos and scooters which use the last battery technology in the market. Find out the benefits :


Removable and Light


Battery pack is removable from the e-scooter and could be carryable :  his weight is usually only 9 kg. You can charge your battery from any standard plug, at your home, work, and so on, … and it enables to multiply the range.







Lithium-ion cells performance combined with Battery Management System (BMS) provide power saving, longevity and safety. The user can conserve a real autonomy and high performance over a longer time period.






Battery Life


Battery capacity is a “size” of your energy store. Thus, autonomy change from plurality of criterias : according to the user’s weight, road profile, type of paths, climate conditions.

In order to choose the e-moto or e-scooter which fits with your real need, we advice you to calculate your daily distance that you do. A glimpse of your real mileage may surprise you. Indeed, electric vehicule requires an other way to perceive your road way : Do you know that 75% of movement make less than 5km, don’t you ?



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